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Love_1 This was one of the letters sent to me by my far away sweetie pie from the internet wonderland back in August 21, 2001. I always get this "kilig moment" to the highest level everytime I read it...He loves to write and he sure writes pretty good and entertaining letters. He's the most romantic person I've ever known. So glad he's my husband. love him so much and guess what? HE LOVES ME MORE! How cool is that? :D)


Dear Love of My Life ,

I love , need and want you .

If only you knew how much !

If you were a few time zones closer to me I'd be driving my car right to your door now instead of sitting here helplessly typing a letter to the sweet girl too far away .

I love you , Blenda .

You remind me of a beautiful sunrise in a colorful sky . You always know you're in the company of greatness and no explanation is ever needed .You are like the smile on the face of a happy child , there is only goodness in you .You are like the sweet smell of a sugar cake baking in the oven , you make me think about upcoming pleasures while my mouth just waters .You are like the opening notes to my favorite song , I will never get tired of listening to you and I can even play you with the fingers of my left hand . You are like a cool breeze on a hot sweaty afternoon , because you make me feel good all over my whole body and even refreshed and not tired anymore .You are like everything good I have ever known , only you are much better than any of that ever was !

There is nothing I wouldn't do to show you I love you .

I promise you one thing too and I mean this with all my heart . Once you are here with me , every bit of the imagination I put into making you a "good" letter , I will put all of that instead into loving you in every way I ever can .You will never have to open a door or pull out your chair or anything else a gentleman would do for his lady .If you are with me , you will never even have to lift a finger . Even if I had to sleep in my car and eat dirt for dinner , I would give you a better life .I would like to just cradle you in my arms and rock you softly until you fell gently to sleep .Then I would just quietly watch you and hug you until you opened your eyes again. I think I might have a kiss waiting for you too !

I have such a big hugs and kisses waiting for you, they will put it in the "world book of records" as the biggest longest sweetest most tender hug and kiss ever .

If you had any sickness at all I would be there by your side and never leave you because I would not be afraid to have the same thing you have and we would just have it together . If you had no legs I would carry you .If you had no hands I would feed you and dress you and bathe you . If you had no eyes I would lead you and describe everything I saw to you.No matter what you ever need I will be there for you .No matter what ever happens I will still want to love you and take care of you too.

You are the girl I have dreamed of my whole life I just never knew what your name would be or where or when I would find you or even if I would ever be so lucky as to actually find you .

You are so sweet and wonderful. I only wish you knew how much you mean to me now and always for the rest of time .

I want to hold your hand and walk with you down all the roads of my life and see what the future holds for us both together. When the day finally comes that I have you in my loving arms I will makeit up to you for every second you had to wait , I promise you that with all of my heart and soul.

Since I found you and we have each other I feel just like a new man .There are little changes about me now that I am noticing and they seemed to just happen on their own .I am not just saying this to you I really mean it .

It is like a whole section of my brain , the one in charge of searching for a woman has just shut down because for me the search is over forever.I have found what I was looking for all these years .

To know that now I know where my heart belongs and who it will always belong to just gives me the most peaceful easy feeling there is in this world .

I have you to thank for that , and you to love for the rest of my life .

Can you tell that I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere ? I can just write about anything I want to because I am off from work and not on my way to it .

There is a real good base ball game on tonight .

Enough sports talk !

More love talk !

I love you .

I love you .

I love you .

I love you .

I love you .

I LOVE you.

I love you .

I love you .

I love you .

I love sports . ( ooops ! )

I will make a sport of loving you .

I will be the champion of that new sport .

You can be the judge and give me a score.

I want to get a "10" .

I will earn it too .

I will train hard for all the events in the "loving Blenda olympics" .

I will have a "black belt" in the loving Blenda karate tournament .

I will create a masterpiece in the loving Blenda movie theatre .

I will love Blenda like Blenda loves to be loved , and I will love doing it and want to do it again all the time .

I live for love and only want you .

I think I better send this and start another one incase there was a power failure !

I have typed too much to lose it now !

I love you my dearest one of them all .

kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss ...


be right back...(I have more to tell you)


*How to save sa SuperMarket...according to my husband

Shop_2 1. Look for items on SALE

2. Sometimes price tags fall off, replace it with a cheaper tag

Shop2_1 3. BUY ONE GET ONE - if available

4. Fill yourself up with "free taste" stuff