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random thoughts # 15

*Sometimes, the things you remember are the things you want to forget...


*Dear Joan,

I thought about you last night, it's our birthday month, remember?...tatanda naman tayo. :)
I thought it would be nice if I give you a surprise call on your birthday, tagal na rin tayong di nagka-usap. I wonder how you are? I didn't receive any response to the messages I sent you thru friendster since 2007. I guess you're very busy or maybe you're just like me, tamad mag-reply! haha

We didn't spend too much time together but those short times we had was awsome...I think I spelled that wrong... Remember our Manila Zoo days in 2002 with my sister and cousins? How about ang sleep over mo sa munting bahay namin? Kahit siksikan tayo sa kama, enjoy naman di ba? ...My family thinks a world of you, sabi namin you have a good heart....'nga pala, you left your printed red shorts , did you ever get it back? I love it how you look after my bunsong kapatid like she is your real sister, you are such a selfless person...Did I tell you too how impressed I was with your creativeness? You sure can draw well and design and decorate houses... Our overnight trip to Isabela to see your Chinese client was interesting too, we travelled 16 hours in one day, balikan! We are such tough cookies... speaking of tough , I heard you can carry a sack of rice! Well, I still don't believe that unless you show me :).

Ni-google kita hoping to find any of your contact information but to my surprise, I found an ARTICLE ABOUT BREAST CANCER with your name on it and your picture as a patient with a Chinese Doctor...Nalungkot ako... I wish I had known about it. Kahit malayo tayo sa isa't-isa, maybe I can call you once in a while and help you get through it and apply my Tender Loving Care stuff I learned from nursing school and maybe make you laugh with my crazy jokes. Won't that be nice? I'm sure it's gonna be fun. You are a funny girl yourself.

I sent out a message to 15 of your friends from friendster trying to find out if they can give me a phone number where I can get a hold of you. I can't wait to hear your voice !....If nobody reply by tomorrow I'm gonna send another letter to your other friends. I will not stop until somebody gives me your number! ...kukulitin ko sila! :)

This morning, the first thing I did was to check my e-mail and see if anybody wrote me back... I got 5 answers , you must be popular, giiiiiirrrl!

I read them all ....

......and it's not a good news.

Your brother Erwin wrote:

"I'm very sorry to tell you that my sister passed away last Dec. 12, 2009"

Naluha ako....

I wish I had known about your battle with cancer....

I wish I had worked on finding your number sooner...

I wish I had given you comfort when you needed one...

May you rest in Peace dear friend.

You will never be forgotten.


Blenda (01/12/2010)


I saved that very nice message you e-mailed to me and sister Precious in September of 2001...believe it or not, it is still in my Inbox. I read it again today , in the last part of your letter you wrote : "I want you to know what my heart tells before it's too late."

I should have "listened" to you and let you know as well how I felt and how grateful I was to have you as a friend....... I'm very sorry.... I'm late.
Here's Joan's e-mail to me: (click to enlarge)