Psssst! Hey you! Welcome sa munting paraiso ng laman ng coconut shell ko....
Ka-dramahan, kalokohan, katotohanan, katatawanan, pag-ibig, mga pangarap at ligaya sa buhay.



Got this from my plant box today, Check it out ...Never seen anything like this! Who knows, it might turn out to be a one mighty tree one day:D ... (click picture to enlarge)



I am thankful for those comedy shows that makes me laugh. I'm thankful for the nail clipper that helps me cut my nails short just the way I want it. I'm thankful for my great Chuck I love to spend the rest of my life with. I'm thankful for the "buy one get one" or 75% OFF stuff I stumble upon when I go shopping. I'm thankful for the wonderful friends I have that I know I can count on , good times or bad... near or far. I am thankful for the softest toilet paper that protects my "you know what" from getting sore. I am thankful for my brother and sisters closeness and love for each other. I am thankful for the old friends I had that I don't see anymore but still makes me happy thinking about them and the fun we had. I am thankful for my good health. I am thankful for the belt that keeps my pants in place . I' m thankful for every "panaginip's" I have where I can see my family and friends, it sure makes me feel good waking up. I am thankful for washing machine that makes life easier. I'm thankful for the beautiful beach not too far away from our door. I am thankful for my sis-in-law Sonia, bro-in-law Kuya Marlon and Anton who loves and takes care of my brother and sisters. I'm thankful for the word blah, blah and etcetera when I am running of words to say. I'm thankful for my 20/20 vision. I'm thankful for every moment my far away family get together on-line. I am thankful for the headache medicine and all the pain medicines invented (can you imagine life without them?). I am thankful for the good news I got from my brother yesterday, they will have twins! I am thankful for a nice cool weather at this time of the year. I am thankful for "friendster" where I found my long lost friends , not to mention being able to check out the profile of my childhood "crush"es :D. I am thankful for every picture I see of my niece Erhin and nephew Marhon, they sure grow fast. I am thankful for the great hardworking parents I have who l can't thank enough for a job well done in raising us. I am thankful for every second that I exist in this world....LIFE IS SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS !




June 11, 2008 ng gabi nang lumapag ang eroplanong sinasakyan ko sa Ninoy Aquino International Airport... Di ko inaasahan na may konting luhang papatak sa mga mata ko, medyo madrama but it's true...di ko mapigilan . "This is my home!." It just feels great going back to my hometown where most people I knew lives, where my friends had all missed me, where I learned riding the bicycle, where I can sing videoke at the top of my lungs and neighbors won't call 911 and complain, where people don't think it's weird eating hilaw na mangga, the place where my kapitbahay's are glad to see me, where riding tricycle is fun, where I can buy fishball, taho, balot at yakult sa kalye, where my family loves me and eager to hug and kiss me and I can't wait to kiss and hug them too.

Mas marami ng malls ngayon, ganun pa rin ang traffic, siksikan na ang Cotabato street where I spent 31 years of my life, mahal na ang favorite kong Jollibee, di na 'ko kilala nung mga batang kinakarga at nilalaro ko noon, ganun pa rin ang simpleng buhay doon pero makikita mo pa rin ang ngiti sa bawat mukha ng mga kababayan ko.

I was amazed with my friend Riza who still kept the last text I sent her in May 2005 before I left for USA and also with my friend Pin who still have my picture (noong sexy pa ako) saved on her cellphone she took of me on my last few days sa Pilipinas in 2005... Ang sarap ng pakiramdam being thought like that :D .

My mom and dad looks older na but they are still the same fun, nurturing, loving and hardworking parents I always knew. My brother and sisters look happy with their own family and that makes me happy too knowing they are oki doki. I was glad to meet the new members of my family - my bro-in-law, Anton and my 1 year old pretty niece , Erhin. It was great spending time with friends too kahit sandali lang but the fun memories will always make me smile whenever I think about it.

Nakakalungkot na konti lang ang oras ko doon, didn't get to see all of my friends and visit all my neighbors , didn't get drunk like I wanted to, di ko nabisita ang beach, di ko nakita yung ultimate crush ko. Parang ang bilis tumakbo ng oras... Parang ayoko ng iwan ang Pilipinas...

June 27 ng madaling araw, gotta get up and catch the plane back to Florida. Sabi ko di ako iiyak, ang corny ... But katulad ng pakiramdam ko 2 weeks ago, noong lumapag ang eroplanong sinasakyan ko, di ko mapigilan ang pag luha. Luha na puno ng paghahangad na sana mas mahaba kong nakapiling ang mga mahal ko sa buhay.... Kailan kaya ako babalik sa kinagisnan kong lugar? Kailan ko kaya ulit mayayakap sila? Kailan kaya ito mauulit muli? ...Hindi ko pa alam.

Malungkot ....but kailangan nang umalis.

I know one day , when the right time comes , we will be together again and it's gonna be another great moment of my life that I will forever treasure.

In the meantime, dito muna ko sa land of the free with the best husband in the whole world who makes me happy all the time.

Di ko alam kung kailan..medyo matagal pa... but I'll be back home... for good. :D



* Sometimes, we have to cook "double" - Asian recipe for me and American recipe for him

* English language coach? ... I have him for free!

*Bakit daw magkaiba ang gamit kong tsinelas sa loob at labas ng bahay.

* Got to wear something red on Christmas day and green on St. Patrick's day

* He runs out of the house whenever I cook daing/tuyo or anything with bagoong at patis

* Hamburger at Pizza is lunch or dinner for him... meryenda ko lang yan!

* He wonders how I manage to do "telebabad" for 2 hours or more with my pinoy friends

* TV time with him means english shows dapat , tagalog shows will make him say "huh?" over and over and over and over again

* I love it when he says "pak-pak"... it sounds like something else (if you know what I mean) :D

* I eat kanin, he eats mashed potato or french fries (but he eats rice too if he feels like it)

* When I'm with my filipino friends with him, nakakalito minsan kung english ba or tagalog gagamitin naming language sa harap nya, he doesn't mind though as long as we don't talk bad about him :D

* We don't go to friends/families house uninvited or unannounced. A surprise visit is not his thing. We gotta call ahead of time.

* Our budget includes padala for family sa Pilipinas at inernational long distance call

* Mahalaga ang water heater , microwave oven at aircon sa bahay para sa kanya

* He had to ask me all the time kung pinoy ba yung nasa TV kapag mukhang Asian

* Never been late on our appointments... "american time" is how he calls it

* Sagana ang fridge at kitchen cabinets ng samu't saring sauces, spices at de latang gulay ( Sa akin, ok na basta may patis, toyo,suka, bawang at sibuyas)

* I am forced to like Football and learn the words "fumble" and "touchdown" coz it's pretty much the biggest game here

* He makes fun of my "tabo" sa bathroom

* Kanin for breakfast is a NO NO for him

* Whenever he sees langgam, langaw or ipis.. he acts like it's the yuckiest thing in the whole world

* Payong is used pag umuulan lang daw or pag lola na ako

* Whenever we go to a Filipino house, the host would always ask me kung anong food ang kinakain nya

*He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner ....I eat breakfast, 10am snack, lunch , 4pm snack, dinner at midnight snack ..(with kanin of course)

Inspite of our cultural differences I don't think I'll ever find somebody as wonderful as my Chuck... I love my fun American guy!