Psssst! Hey you! Welcome sa munting paraiso ng laman ng coconut shell ko....
Ka-dramahan, kalokohan, katotohanan, katatawanan, pag-ibig, mga pangarap at ligaya sa buhay.



I was there.I was at your West Palm Beach,Florida concert on November of 2007.I touched your shoes from up the stage while you sing my favorite song "What It Takes".

But you didn't talk to me or invite me backstage.
Not even a wave.
Or a wink.


You just played your songs and flirt with those blondes as if I wasn't around...

I talked to my husband and he says it is OK if you come to our house for dinner.

I know there are other rich, powerful, beautiful celebrities with perfect faces and drop dead gorgeous bodies around you.But you know what? ....they aren't me.

They don't know every single word to all of your songs.
They don't google you, collect your albums and watch you on youtube and American Idol....OBSESSIVELY.
They don't join the Aerosmith fan club.
They don't download your APPSOLEWDLY apps.
They don't have the same shirt like what you wear here. (By the way,I got the red one too)

They don't accept your mistakes.
They don't like it when you wear black nail polish.
They don't think it's cool when you joined the American Idol.

But me? I don't judge. I accept you for who you are.

I know you were busy and had a lot on your mind and maybe you were being a bit shy or playing hard to get...But I didn't want much. Just a "HELLO" would have been nice.

And accepting my offer for a dinner with my hubby in our house would have been even better.

Maybe next time you're in Florida?


Super Ganda

PS: Happy Birthday



(Picture taken on March 19, 2011 at 7:58PM EST , Jensen Beach, FL)

"The last full moon so big and close to Earth occured in March of 1993" Geoff Chester of US Naval Observatory said in a statement from NASA.

After 18 years, me and my hubby got a chance to witness the "supermoon" and I'd say "IT'S WORTH A LOOK!"

(taken at 8:12PM EST)


random thoughts # 29

Remember when balloons gave you so much joy?



I grew up watching POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN from neighbor's TV...(that time when not a whole lot of people can afford to buy their own television.)

I remember the green thing called "spinach" out of a can that POPEYE pops every time BRUTUS get the better of him and he suddenly had super strength.That funny sound everytime his muscles got bigger. I remember OLIVE, the love of his life and her tiny little body and her famous hairstyle.

Of course at young age, I didn't quite knew what spinach was. All I knew was that green stuff gives you super power.

I guess that what got me into eating talbos ng kamote, kangkong , malunggay and other green veggies.

I guess I'm glad I did.

I guess I just miss POPEYE... Haven't seen him in a loooooong time.


random thoughts # 28

"Magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay, na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay....." ---Mula sa kanta ng Eraserheads

na "Huling El Bimbo"