Psssst! Hey you! Welcome sa munting paraiso ng laman ng coconut shell ko....
Ka-dramahan, kalokohan, katotohanan, katatawanan, pag-ibig, mga pangarap at ligaya sa buhay.



* Sometimes, we have to cook "double" - Asian recipe for me and American recipe for him

* English language coach? ... I have him for free!

*Bakit daw magkaiba ang gamit kong tsinelas sa loob at labas ng bahay.

* Got to wear something red on Christmas day and green on St. Patrick's day

* He runs out of the house whenever I cook daing/tuyo or anything with bagoong at patis

* Hamburger at Pizza is lunch or dinner for him... meryenda ko lang yan!

* He wonders how I manage to do "telebabad" for 2 hours or more with my pinoy friends

* TV time with him means english shows dapat , tagalog shows will make him say "huh?" over and over and over and over again

* I love it when he says "pak-pak"... it sounds like something else (if you know what I mean) :D

* I eat kanin, he eats mashed potato or french fries (but he eats rice too if he feels like it)

* When I'm with my filipino friends with him, nakakalito minsan kung english ba or tagalog gagamitin naming language sa harap nya, he doesn't mind though as long as we don't talk bad about him :D

* We don't go to friends/families house uninvited or unannounced. A surprise visit is not his thing. We gotta call ahead of time.

* Our budget includes padala for family sa Pilipinas at inernational long distance call

* Mahalaga ang water heater , microwave oven at aircon sa bahay para sa kanya

* He had to ask me all the time kung pinoy ba yung nasa TV kapag mukhang Asian

* Never been late on our appointments... "american time" is how he calls it

* Sagana ang fridge at kitchen cabinets ng samu't saring sauces, spices at de latang gulay ( Sa akin, ok na basta may patis, toyo,suka, bawang at sibuyas)

* I am forced to like Football and learn the words "fumble" and "touchdown" coz it's pretty much the biggest game here

* He makes fun of my "tabo" sa bathroom

* Kanin for breakfast is a NO NO for him

* Whenever he sees langgam, langaw or ipis.. he acts like it's the yuckiest thing in the whole world

* Payong is used pag umuulan lang daw or pag lola na ako

* Whenever we go to a Filipino house, the host would always ask me kung anong food ang kinakain nya

*He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner ....I eat breakfast, 10am snack, lunch , 4pm snack, dinner at midnight snack ..(with kanin of course)

Inspite of our cultural differences I don't think I'll ever find somebody as wonderful as my Chuck... I love my fun American guy!