Psssst! Hey you! Welcome sa munting paraiso ng laman ng coconut shell ko....
Ka-dramahan, kalokohan, katotohanan, katatawanan, pag-ibig, mga pangarap at ligaya sa buhay.



Hindi ito New Year's resolution...

Bagong taon na naman, I guess I should get back to watching my diet and maybe exercise more.

You all probably want an update, and here it is : I gained 15 lbs since last year. I have no idea how I did that! .....I blame it on my husband's cooking (who loves me no matter what shape I am) and my addiction to playing farmville habang naka-hilata for hours.

I believe I went to the gym and jog a grand total of 3 times this year and I ate everything- as in EVERYTHING that I can see and eat. And there was a lot in sight!

How am I suppose to refuse that?

So now I have to drag my pwet to the gym and exercise and eat healthier, which is totally unfair because I don't enjoy it. It will be crowded in the gym and annoying and I will hate it.

Yes, i know "it's a lifestyle change" blah blah, but I don't really "do" diets anymore, just like I don't really "do" New Years resolutions.

Can you tell ang dami kong angal at excuses ?

With my new Weight Watchers recipe book and aerobics dvd and a free gym access few blocks away from our house, I shall try this "fitness thingie" one more time.

I'm going to get back to at least 120-125 lbs and try to STAY THERE! .... maybe :)

And if I don't succeed... oh well, it's not the end of the world.

I'm gonna have to shop for LARGER size of clothes then...

*Best wishes for a happy, safe and healthy new year to everybody*




random thoughts # 14

I don't know what to get my husband for Christmas. It seems hard to buy gifts for someone who pretty much has everything.... and when I say "everthing" , it means "ME!"



It's the 21st of December, three more days before Christmas!

You know what that means?

Only three more days before people stop asking me :
"Are you ready for Christmas?... Are you ready for Christmas? ...Are you ready for Christmas? ...Do you have your Christmas shopping done? What you gonna cook?... Are you ready for Christmas?"!

And only three more days before I can stop replying, "F**k off! Of course I'm not ready for Christmas! I'm a huge fan of procrastination " ....ok, I didn't really say the first two words out loud, I just typed it up there just because I can. :)

So, are you guys ready for Christmas?




* A volunteer magician who will make me look young forever or at least make me look like a typical Miss Universe pageant contestant...

*If there's such a machine that would automatically fold my laundry or a robot that will clean the house and do my job at work, that will be nice. I need stuff to make my life easier so I can......uhmm make my life easier

*A snowblower, OK , OK , I know we don't have snow in South Florida but I just want to have one "just in case"

* The motivation to eat less and exercise more, that would mean less grocery shopping and restaurant hunting, more $$$ on my savings

*I would love to work at Disney even for just one day so I can hang out with Donald Duck and party with Daisy, Mickey and Minnie.

*I think it would be cool to have the star wars lightsaber chopsticks and who knows I might be able to save the galaxy with it.

(Also comes in green and blue)

I know I don't ask for much , right? :)

Also I'd like world peace and a biiiiiiiiiiiig bottle of wine (just for me.)"