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Hindi ito New Year's resolution...

Bagong taon na naman, I guess I should get back to watching my diet and maybe exercise more.

You all probably want an update, and here it is : I gained 15 lbs since last year. I have no idea how I did that! .....I blame it on my husband's cooking (who loves me no matter what shape I am) and my addiction to playing farmville habang naka-hilata for hours.

I believe I went to the gym and jog a grand total of 3 times this year and I ate everything- as in EVERYTHING that I can see and eat. And there was a lot in sight!

How am I suppose to refuse that?

So now I have to drag my pwet to the gym and exercise and eat healthier, which is totally unfair because I don't enjoy it. It will be crowded in the gym and annoying and I will hate it.

Yes, i know "it's a lifestyle change" blah blah, but I don't really "do" diets anymore, just like I don't really "do" New Years resolutions.

Can you tell ang dami kong angal at excuses ?

With my new Weight Watchers recipe book and aerobics dvd and a free gym access few blocks away from our house, I shall try this "fitness thingie" one more time.

I'm going to get back to at least 120-125 lbs and try to STAY THERE! .... maybe :)

And if I don't succeed... oh well, it's not the end of the world.

I'm gonna have to shop for LARGER size of clothes then...

*Best wishes for a happy, safe and healthy new year to everybody*


Anna Monique ♥ said...

happy new year po! :)

yuuki said...

Happy New Year!

i guess, losing weight is top 1 in my NYR din (always pala pero d din nasusunod)! well, goodluck na lang satin!

Goryo said...

maligayang ika-dalawanlibo't sampu!!!

imelda said...

its really hard to lose weight with many food temptations around. take ur time, it takes some discipline but its hard to do, lol.

krizzycarnal said...

Hay naku, yan din ang resolution ko. First day of the year I went out walking for 2Miles. That was 14days ago, never did it again hahhaha.. I'm still trying though :)