Psssst! Hey you! Welcome sa munting paraiso ng laman ng coconut shell ko....
Ka-dramahan, kalokohan, katotohanan, katatawanan, pag-ibig, mga pangarap at ligaya sa buhay.



It's the 21st of December, three more days before Christmas!

You know what that means?

Only three more days before people stop asking me :
"Are you ready for Christmas?... Are you ready for Christmas? ...Are you ready for Christmas? ...Do you have your Christmas shopping done? What you gonna cook?... Are you ready for Christmas?"!

And only three more days before I can stop replying, "F**k off! Of course I'm not ready for Christmas! I'm a huge fan of procrastination " ....ok, I didn't really say the first two words out loud, I just typed it up there just because I can. :)

So, are you guys ready for Christmas?