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I'm so thrilled ...yes I am! It's been a little bit since I last got postal mail from overseas. I'd like to think that the internet technology probably is the main reason why I'm not getting so much anymore and it's not because I'm not my same old lovable self or however you want to put it :P ...

Those new hi-tech gadgets that allow us to be in touch all the time with just one click of that "send" button sometimes seem to cover the fact that we never really "touched" at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of text, e-mail and all that kind of stuff but once in awhile it sure feels so good to check my postal mailbox and find a card, a letter or even a package in there waiting for me and not just the regular electric or phone bills and also tons of useless junk mail that always keeps on coming , I'm sure some of you agree on that.

In this internet world nowadays, it's really nice just for a change to see some handwriting from someone I haven't heard from in a long time and to think that the card now in my hand was once in their hand is something that always makes me smile.

However or wherever they found it , in a crowded mall or a street-corner store maybe or even perhaps they just had it saved back in a shoe box under their bed , I know that it took them some time and some effort and it means so much to me.I think about them sitting down as they try to think what to write up and make it interesting , that makes me feel special too.

This card cannot just mail itself to me so that means the person who picked it and bought it and wrote it had to also address it and postage it and deliver it to the post office and they did it all for me! I must be special!

I have a secret drawer in my closet that I only use for handwritten mails and if ever loneliness somehow finds me, I just pull open that drawer , dig in there , read those nice old letters and loneliness has no other choice but to just disappear !

Thanks to my dear friend Cari, you brightened my day greatly with your heartwarming and special card I got today which now sits on top of the pile and is the newest one of my collection....... Know for sure that while this card sits locked in that special drawer ,your friendship is something I take with me every place that I will ever go........

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