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How old is old?

Well, I think you're old when you have to ask me to repeat the question every time I ask you.

I think you're pretty old when you tell me you can remember when they first discovered "fire".

I think you must be pretty old when you tell me you remember that big tree was just a little plant and everything you say begins with "back in my days" or "noong kapanahunan ko".

I usually know somebody is really old when they tell me what it was like to live before they invented the computer.

Also I know a guy is older than old if he tells me stories about what it was to hang out with Jose Rizal.

Now, me... myself... I think I am old when some little kid wonders why I don't have an Ipod or MP3 player. Or when they laugh at me since I'm having a hard time to figure out how smartphones or the latest video games works.

I also feel old when I don't know or care about who the hell is the latest hip hop star or Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers or any one else who came along after Madonna... and by the way, have you noticed how old she looks nowadays?

And now too after I wrote all of this down and I look it over....

I feel older too!

Maybe if I dump my husband for a young guy, I might feel younger. :D

(Note: The last sentence was approved by my husband, he knows it's a joke)


Thanks to
Shie's Asylum for tagging me on this. It's actually fun!

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Elsa said...

nyahahha... thanks for tagging i don't have the guts to tell the blogging world how old i am.... bwwwwahahhahha (evil laugh)!!!!

shie said...

thanks for posting sis :) factual and true to form, hehe

S-H-Y said...

I think age for me is just a number, if you are old but you feel young inside then your young hehe..anyway thanks for coming in my blog and I am lil bit busy from school but stil trying to update my blog :P..

Golden said...

Thank you so much sis for the heartwarming comment. I feel better now. I know na gagaling din si Jamjam. :)

BTW sis, I tagged you. Here's the link:

Bailey Baretto said...

thanks for tagging me :) i had fun making my entry :) have a great week ahead :) ingat ka lagi :)

Dhemz said...

am here too...have trouble leaving a message on the shoutbox...thanks for coming by....:)

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imelda said...

hahaha i like this post, made me laugh.

cathara said...

your post made me laugh, indeed.:D sorry for the late response, was so sick and busy.

but id like to thank you for joining my contest! and for adding me to your blog roll. ill add you in my whos hot list too. btw, did you already subscribe to my feeds too?:D